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CCCAonline is the Program that GIVES BACK to the Chiropractic Profession...

Discount programs are available for the Military, and chiropractic organizations such as State or National Associations, Chiropractic Colleges, or other organized entities such as
student clubs, practice management groups or 3rd party payers! We also offer extra
discounting to
'High Volume' practices, that is, practices that have a large # of CA's that
they must train
. Typically 4 or more CA's will qualify offices for this incentive.

CCCAonline offers a grassroots program that provides discounted programming to your

members in exchange for a website link and email communication to your members.

CCCAonline makes it easy:


  • We provide your organization with a ready-made flyer for use in email blasts or faxes.
  • A discount code is assigned to your organization. Members input the code at the time of course registration to see an instant discount. Only one discount may be applied to each registration.


Watch for our postcard for your special program...use the code 'OKPOSTCARD' (all caps) to get $20 off the full training program!

COCSA Organizations:

CCCAonline has negotiated a special offer through the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations (COCSA). This means that almost ALL state organizations (over 50 of

them!)  have a code. Code use  provides learners with $$$ off the the program and gives money BACK to support your organization.Discount codes have already been

assigned for all COCSA State Association members. If you are an Association Member your code is available by emailing Dr. Laurie Mueller at CCCAonline at:, be sure to include your state name and the specific organization that you belong to in the body of the email. 
For Association staff, we also have

customized flyers we can make available for your use in mass mailing your members!

Participating Chiropractic Colleges:

Participating colleges have codes that will discount $$$ off the program for learners and give money BACK to support the college!

Cleveland Chiropractic College:   Please use this discount code if you are a CCC alumni, student, friend or affiliate! Code: CCC-CCCA

University of Western States:     Please use this discount code if you are a UWS alumni, student, friend or affiliate! Code: UWSALUM

Other Discount Opportunities:

Discounts are also available for 'High Volume' practices, that is, practices that have 4 or more CA's that they must train.

In such cases we create a specific private code just for your office. (Only one discount type can be applied) Contact Dr. Mueller if you would like to

pursue this option.
Email  Cell: 309-791-2421.

Want to form a partnership? Email to get started!

Watch for our high quality articles for CA's in the media. We have published in Chiropractic Economics and NCMIC's Examiner, and have a regular column in The American Chiropractor's NEW Chiropractic Assistant supplement!

We look forward to serving you...