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Chiropractic assistant online training program. Convenient. Affordable. 24 hours of approved study to prepare learners to assist with passive care modalities and more, plus prepare to sit for the NBCE examination.

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CCCA Programming for Chiropractic Office Employees!

NOTE: Most states are approved including ARIZONA and OKLAHOMA! See our customized course versions in our catalog! For current participants, please click  'login' at the top right of the page to enter your ID and Password to access your enrolled courses.

NEW! We have two  2-hour CE CCA Renewal options  for OKLAHOMA now added to our catalog! We also have a 6-hour CE Renewal Course (to maintain CCCA status through FCLB) and a 4-hour Review Module (for those CA's that don't require full training but want to study for the test) now available in our course catalog! Look for them under the 'Individual Courses' section.

This CCCA training program was developed from the guidelines set forth by the Federation of

Chiropractic Licensing Boards
(FCLB) to train chiropractic employees to safely and competently aid in patient

encounters such as physiotherapy modalities, and to understand the general nuances of record-keeping, risk

management, safety and ethics. TRUST EXPERIENCE! PACE APPROVED through chiropractic leader,

University of Western States. Our program developers are professional educators and content experts who have 

been on the ground floor for CCCA guideline & program development. Ours is also the program  

that 'gives back' to the profession through state association discounting and profit share programs.

The program will encompass 24 hours of study in pertinent topical areas. To earn CCCA status learners must:

1. Fill out the application from the FCLB and pay the associated fee.

2. Complete a program of study (like this one) or equivalent as set forth by the FCLB.

3. Pass the CCCA examination.

4. The Supervising DC must submit a signed affidavit of supervised study performed within the first year of passing the exam to FCLB.

Please check the FCLB website for full application details at
For states with CA criteria in place, please check with your state board to ensure program acceptance (if they accept FCLB approved online programming.)

This program will include but not be limited to the following topics:

Chiropractic History, Communication with the DC, Scope of Practice, Safety/OSHA/Bloodborne Pathogens,

Boundaries and Compliance, Documentation and Record Keeping, Managing Risk/Malpractice/Harassment

Cultural Sensitivity/Ethics, Terminology, Anatomy, Common Conditions, Record Keeping, Clinical Intake

Support/Temperature/Pulse & Respiration/Blood Pressure, Physiotherapy Overview, Stages of Healing,

Heat/Cryotherapy, Electric Muscle Stimulation, Ultrasound, Traction/Inter-segmental Traction, Diathermy, Cold

Laser, plus tips for exam preparation. An extensive supplemental note packet is also included so you can

download and/or print it and study offline!

Ready to get started?  First you need an account. Click on the 'SIGNUP' link at the top right of this page or

click the button below, and fill out your information. Once you have an account, click on the 'Course Catalog' on

the left side of the page to purchase coursework, if you are part of a partner organization/state association,

please remember to input your specific discount code  at the time of purchase or the discount cannot be

processed. Confused about if you have a discount code?


  • Ask your supervising DC if they belong to a state association, if so
  • email CCCAonline and ask what your code is at (don't forget to include what state you are in and what association your doc belongs to!) You may also call Dr. Mueller directly at 309-791-2421.
  • Note: Check our 'Discounts & Program Partnerships' tab!

Codes are case sensitive, use capitals and dashes exactly as the code is given to you, only one

discount may be applied to each registration.

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